Diesel Noise, and more on the way!

You may have noticed the sound of the generators running a bit more over the last few days. Yukon Energy was doing some de-icing at Aishihik and running the diesels instead.

If thermal (LNG or diesel) is needed, there is a “stacking order” and LNG is the first to get fired up. Second is Whitehorse rental diesel, and third is Faro rental diesel – except at night, when Yukon Energy is nice enough not to run the diesels in Whitehorse, which brings us to the top of the diesel list.

The generators here in Faro exceed BC permissible sound levels in most measured locations at night, and the YESAB assessment (2021-0115) for the diesels here included the following:

The Watson Lake Designated Office has determined that the Project is likely to have significant adverse socio-economic effects on community wellness that require additional mitigation.

• Reduced quality of life for Faro residents: sound generated by project activities may interact with other users of the land in such a way to impact their quality of life.
• Reduced health: public health may be affected by project operations and long-term activityat the site.
• ...the use of generators at the FGS is expected to increase as the Proponent has noted a growing demand for electricity in the Yukon.

The Designated Office considers the Project to have a high likelihood to affect Faro residents’ quality of life and public health as a result of noise disturbance.

Given the Project will only increase the noise levels coming from the rental generators, the probability of effects to public health to nearby residents as a result of noise disturbance is considered high.

…likely to affect daily activities including recreational activities such as hiking or even relaxing at home for some residents closest to the FGS, located on Dawson Drive.

Air Quality:
Due to the potential effects resulting from both short and long-term exposure to NO2, the

Designated Office views any exceedance of NO2 to represent a high magnitude effect to air quality and the health of exposed Faro residents. As uncovered in the Air Dispersion Modelling Assessment by WSP, maximum predicted NO2 concentrations significantly exceed the YAAQS for both existing and future scenarios in the short-term averaging period (1-hour). …215% of the current YAAQS. (Yukon Ambient Air Quality Standards)


According to Yukon Energy’s current rate increase application (GRA), they will be increasing the capacity of the Faro facility by 33% for next winter. We will finally have less diesel when Atlin and Moon Lake are online, but Atlin is on indefinite hold and the Moon Lake project has been canceled, so… We can expect them to be run more and more.

On a side note, please don’t complain to Gary or Attilla – our local Yukon Energy employees. They are not responsible for what management does – and have been doing a great job at keeping the lights on here in town.






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