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The good and the bad of Faro. Content has been fact checked as much as possible, but errors can occur. If you notice something wrong, please contact us.

And really, if you don’t like something, don’t take this site too seriously. Opinions may be expressed – and there may be a focus on false or deceptive information from the Town of Faro – focusing on the mayor who likes to send town money to his company and our CAO who commmutes in from his home in Alberta to do his best to support the mayor’s interests. Just kidding. None of that would ever happen here!

Wait… Is some information from the town false or deceptive? Previous to posting anything like that, the town has been asked about whatever topic is on here, and they haven’t answered. If/when reasonable and true answers are provided, it will be noted on this site. Some sort of accountability would be nice. Until then, things will continue to be posted here. Some old, some new, some strange and all true. (see disclaimer)